What to Wear: Under

October 10, 2013


Sometimes we are more concerned about what clothing others see that we made what goes underneath second on the agenda. But what you wear under is just as important. It’s what help you feel comfortable.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I started playing on a kickball league. With all the running around and catching, I need to wear underwear and undershirts that are breathable, flexible and comfortable. Tommy John is made for my needs. It’s form fitting too! No need to worry about sagging and ruining your outfit. Fun fact: I wore them this Tuesday while playing and I had my best game yet. Coincidence? I think not.

Shirt | Tommy John
Underwear | Tommy John


Now, if you’re looking for some playful underwear, feel “cheeky” (the word on the butt of the underwear pictured above) with SCA! Not gunna lie, my favorite part about this paid of undies is that there is pocket. Yes, a pocket. You wouldn’t think I’m this person, but I’m someone who can’t wait to take off his clothes as soon as I walk into my apartment. Having this little pocket does wonders! Throw a tank and boom, a nice comfortable look to chill around the apartment.

Tank | SCA
Underwear | SCA

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