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September 7, 2016



This summer has been the summer of travel as seen on my Instagram and Snapchat. And I have literally loved every second of it. Seriously. This summer has been UNFORGETTABLE. The only trip missing from this summer was an international trip. Adding to my to do near future to do list. Which place do I want to visit first? Take a guess… Fine. I’ll just tell you… Italy! My heritage is Italian so I want to explore the history that shaped my family! Top city on the list is Rome!

The rich, ancient history of Rome will fill my mind with knowledge and beauty. Naturally, I want to explore city in the most fun way possible: a vespa tour! Vespa Tour organized by Hotel Portrait Roma for their guests give this unique experiences. It allows hotel guests to visit the Eternal City from an unorthodox perspective: seated on the back of a typical scooter. You’ll basically feel like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday.” A guide will accompany you through the streets of the historical center, passing by the Colosseum and Saint Peter’s Square. Can you see beautiful Instagram photos? My eyes are lighting up at the thought.

Check it out! It’s the best way to immerse yourself in Italian culture and discover the richness of the historic city.

Although I haven’t gone yet, I decided to create an outfit based on what I would wear on the tour.










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