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Twitter Is Beyond the #HOFF

August 19, 2010

Twitter has infiltrated just about every aspect of my life/the world. You know Twitter is not just a fad when there is mention to Twitter everywhere you look. The fact that a hashtag is part of a “step and repeat” on a red carpet proves that Twitter is not just a fad, it is the present and future.

Although Facebook came first, if someone mentions social media, the word association sparks Twitter to mind. I believe Twitter really kicked started the use of web 2.0 as a business module and personal branding vehicle. It makes sense since it relates one person to many with just a click of button. The short posts allow us to relay concise information.

Clearly, the hashtag used on the red carpet was to generate a conversation in the Twitterverse. This conversation would allow the brand (Comedy Central) to communicate and respond to the feedback. Brands really do check and review tweets. I know for a fact being a social media intern AND because two different brands have contacted me for two different opportunities (will announce when I am allowed).

Basically, what I am trying to say: Twitter is the way of the future. Everyone needs to embrace it and use it to its full advantage. I have and look at everything that has happened to me!

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