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Twitter Bracelet: Is It Overkill?

November 16, 2011

As everyone knows, I’m a social media addict–which is a complete understatement. I (honestly) mentally think “@ [insert name]” whenever I begin to type someone’s name in everyday writing (not just Twitter). I may or may not actually (purposely accidentally) type the “@” symbol. I cannot live without social media. It’s sad but completely true since my career is in social media.

Since, I enjoy spreading my love of social media and increasing social media presence, I’ve been toying with a way to integrate my Twitter handle into my everyday wardrobe. I first thought to have a t-shirt made, but who wants to wear the same t-shirt whenever you are out; slash, I need to look good while in public and rock my lovely apparel I search so hard to find in my size! So that was definitely out of the question. For a split second, I debated getting a tattoo. But that was seriously only for about five minutes before I knew it was probably the dumbest idea. Then it hit me! I walked past a street vendor in SoHo, NYC near where I worked and saw he made “nameplate” bracelets. I knew I needed to have one made of my Twitter handle.

I quickly put in an order for the bracelet in August! I then got a new job and moved to a different area of the city. I had my friend track down my order but she had no luck. Three months later, I was shopping in SoHo and spotted my Twitter nameplate on a vendor’s table. Thrilled, I screamed, “That’s me! That’s mine!” And now, I want to wear it everyday!

It wasn’t that expensive either! Only $30!

Now, my questions for you!

Is this Twitter bracelet overkill?

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  • Reply Stephen November 16, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    $30 for a street vendor bracelet? That’s a bit much. I do think it’s cute, though.

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