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October 2, 2015

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As the crisp air begs us to wear more and more layers, we must abide. The weather in NYC does not play games. If you don’t layer up, you will regret your decision to leave your apartment.

Sometimes, a t-shirt is an easy layer to add to your look. When I wear a sweater, 9 times out of 10, I have a t-shirt tucked underneath. The only problem is, finding a t-shirt that remains hidden, doesn’t bunch up and allows me to maintain the look I am trying to achieve.


Cue, Fruit of the Loom. They have new Stay-Tucked crew shirts that are designed to prevent undershirts from riding up, allowing them to stay comfortably tucked in all day long. YASSSS!!!!!

In the recent past, wearing your t-shirt tucked in public used to be an action you would associate with your dad, but it’s a trend you can easily spot in NYC. You will find it mostly in BK, but you can stroll in EV on the weekend and spot the trend. I decided to take it for a spin in Meatpacking. And I’m not afraid to say that I give it the thumbs up!




To prove how well these shirts stay tucked, Fruit of the Loom started the Tuck Effect Challenge. I challenge to you try take the #TuckEffect Challenge. Share on your social platforms what you think!



According to a survey of more than 1,000 guys, those who tuck in their shirt have the a higher quality life in the five fundamental pillars: happiness, optimism, social status, income & relationships.


  • Turns out, tucking your shirt can unlock the secret to happiness. 61% of tuckers report being happy on the job, versus 49% of non-tuckers.


  • Tuckers are 22% more likely to say they’re optimistic about the future. That’s five seconds to a brighter future.


  • Tuckers are 8% more likely to report they date often. And more dates means more chances to find “the one.” It’s simple math, really.

Social Status

  • Tuckers’ responses reveal they are 10% more likely to report being socially outgoing. More friends, promotions, and success — all good things that come to those who tuck.


  • Higher income could be a tuck away. Tuckers disclose 19% higher incomes than those who don’t tuck. Time to add tucking to your resume.




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