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July 17, 2014



While on my trip to Aspen I had the worst thing happen. When I opened my travel leather dopp bag, a bottle of lotion (that I stole from a hotel) opened up and completely ruined the inside of my bag. I guess that’s what I get for stealing the lotion. I just loved the smell!

Thankfully when I arrived back from Aspen I had this new dopp kit bag waiting for me. LITERALLY, HOW LUCKY! It’s made by Wurkin Stiffs and it’s completely made from silicone. Now, I wish I had this bag a week prior because the exploding lotion would not have ruined my dopp bag. But, I guess it all worked out for the best.

I don’t understand why all dopp bags aren’t made of silicone. It literally would prevent damage. It’s not like they don’t sit near a sink while in your hotel room aka right by water. It also has oils, lotions, gels, creams, etc. within the bag. Talk about damage waiting to happen.

I’m just happy to have a new replacement that will clearly last.


Here’s some travel-sized things you can find in my dopp bag:

Neutrogena Men’s Face Lotion

Ursa Major Face Wash


Alterna Bamboo Sculpting Clay

Vaughn Lip Balm

Boticario de Havana Shampoo

L’Occitane Body Lotion

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