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April 12, 2018

ASOS | T-Shirt
ASOS | Pants
Coastal | Sunglasses
Left Shoe Company | Shoes

30. The age I dreaded for a while but as I entered my late 20s, I began to appreciate the age. I was excited. I feel great. I look great. I’m living my best life. I already see my 30s being my favorite decade. It’s already started off amazing too! New beginnings with a new apartment, new job and new friendships. I’m ready for more new to happen. I want to embrace it.

I know what makes me the most happy about turning 30 is the goals I accomplished. I’m a goal-oriented person so I created a few mental notes to accomplish. Every single one received a check. I think that’s what made 30 most exciting. Hoping to move in the same direction to 40. But let’s hold off on that number for a bit. 😛

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