The Lavish One

November 22, 2011

Photo courtesy of Justin Livingston

I had the fun chance to attend two events in one night: Man Repeller x Alex & Eli and OUT 100. Since the first event was a blazer launch and the second could double as a blazer convention, wearing a blazer was decided for me. I’m not one to ever wear just a t-shirt (unless going to the gym) because I prefer to wear button-downs, but I was given this awesome t-shirt with gold writing that I needed to wear it at some point. Why not class it up with a blazer? It makes me feel better about wearing a t-shirt. Of course I had to rock my skinny jeans and my new black boots. Outfit complete.


Yes, I am aware I look like I don’t eat food in this photo. Jealous? (Just kidding)

Blazer | On Cotton – $35
T-shirt | Triple L Society “Lavish Homme” – $40
Jeans | Levis – $68
Boots | Call It Spring – $69
Arm wear | TopMan, Twitter Bracelet, Street Vendors

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