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The GMAs: The Gaga Music Awards

September 14, 2010

I knew Lady Gaga would sweep the VMAs with 8 wins, especially since she was nominated twice in almost every category she was nominated in. Was she the reason the 2010 VMAs was the most watched since 2002? I think she was a big part of it.

I believe a reason (other than all the celebrities) that the 2010 VMAs was the most watched in a while is because of Twitter. Clearly, over the past year Twitter has grown immensely and has infiltrated different means of our society. If you pay attention to my previous blog posts, Twitter is everywhere. With over 1 million VMA-related tweets and peaks in the number of tweets related to celebrities as they appeared at the VMAs, Twitter was the center of communication for the VMAs.

The constant tweets about the events of the VMAs and the conversation/debates on Twitter that surrounded these events, definitely sparked interest in the VMAs. Those who would have not watched the VMAs normally, may have been intrigued enough to turn on MTV. Without the update-to-the-second information flowing through the Twitterverse, those people would not have heard about the events of the VMAs until the following day from news outlets. They would have missed the VMAs and the revealing of Lady Gaga’s new album.

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