The Disappearing Model

July 3, 2010

Crystal Renn, a noted plus-size model, has taken to magic. She has made her curves disappear.

Within the fashion community, Crystal is receiving a lot of criticism for her weight loss. I find this intriguing since the opinions are heading in the right direction.

Normally, becoming a super-skinny model would increase your likeability within fashion, however, from what I am reading, slimming down will potentially hurt Crystal’s career. Models are known for their size and shape. She will lose clients because she has altered her look. Everyone wants her to stay the way they know her.

I like the message tied with this story—do not change who you are. Just because you think the world would rather see you change, does not mean everyone actually feels that way. It is better to be true to yourself than conform to some ideal notion in order to gain acceptance.

Everyone will love you more if you are yourself.

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