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April 9, 2012

Summer is around the corner, so why not stock up on they gay staple outfit–open short sleeve shirt, tank, and tight fitting shorts. This outfit (minus the tank and shoes) were provided by TAGG. If you haven’t checked out the store, do so! Keep reading and you’ll find out why (hint: discount)!

Of course we know I am afraid of color and that I am slowly integrating it into my closet, so I started with just a pop of color–red Fayban sunglasses and red Urbaners headphones. As the warmer weather continues, you’ll start to see bright blues, greens and maybe even some ‘warm’ colors mixed in!

From TAGG:
Shirt | Garcon Garcia
Shorts | Comune
Sunglasses | Faybans
Headphones | Urbanears

Tank | Topman
Shoes | Vans

If there is one kind of shirt you see me repeatedly wear, it’s a plaid shirt. I love plaid and I can’t help it. Make it a checkered black & white pattern and you have me happy! What I love most about this shirt is that is comes from the brand, Garcon Garcia which is an Argentinian brand. Having a piece that is found overseas allows you to have an article of clothing others won’t have! You’ll set yourself apart! Luckily TAGG carries this pieces from this brand. LOVE!

I’m also quite happy with the Urbanears headphones. Red is definitely not one of my favorite colors. But, when I threw the pair in my ears and listened to the new Nicki Minaj album, the sound was so clear that my Apple headphones no longer sufficed. Find the color that fits you the best at TAGG.

Ah! The tight fitting shorts that will be my staple this summer. Add a bright color tank with these Comune shorts and you have a fun summer outfit! The one thing I hate is the dragging down of cargo shorts. These Comune shorts are light feeling so you get just forget about cargo shorts completely–these are the replacement.

And my sunglasses collection keeps on growing! These red Faybans are the subtle color every outfit needs. Throw them when you’re wearing toned-down colors (the outfit) and it brings some red spice to complete the look. SUPER FUN!

And now the moment you have been waiting for….

Everyone who mentions at TAGG (720 Ninth Ave, NYC) gets 15% their purchase for the whole month of APRIL!!!


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