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Hint of Snow


December 24, 2014

Purple Haze

Get the look from Mr. Porter A combo I am never afraid to wear is denim on denim. Don’t ever wear the same shade/wash of denim or it will look like a Canadian tuxedo. Pairing a light with a dark creates enough differentiation that…

November 2, 2013


Sometimes an easy way to create a quick look is just usually primary colors: red, blue, green. A red striped shirt, blue cardigan and green bow tie can be the base to a well put together outfit. Cardigan | H&M Shirt | Topman Tie…

April 16, 2013


Wondering why you haven’t seen me excessively Tweeting, posting and Instagramming NYFW? Well, that’s because of two reasons. One, I decided to skip this season. I’ve been working a lot on making some changes in my life and I decided that the stress of…

February 13, 2013


There’s nothing I like more than a plaid shirt and a cardigan when I need to layer. It looks casual yet it’s completely put together. I’m actually wearing a variation of the combo as I type out this post. Jacket | H&M Cardigan |…

February 6, 2013

Statue Made

Now that the weather is in the ‘in between stage’, wearing a sweater or a cardigan will suffice to keep you warm. I opted for a destroyed sweater. I thought the rips and tears gave an interesting feel to a classic cardigan. I also…

March 14, 2012

Vibrant Takeoff

And I did it! I finally wore some color. Guess what? It’s only the beginning. I’m challenging myself to break out of my neutral and dark color palette to experience the world of vibrant color. Well, as vibrant as I can handle, at least.…

March 1, 2012

#NYFW 6: Blanco Azul

Day 6 of NYFW I went for a clean look–white pants, blue cardigan and my staple, plaid. As the week dies down, I didn’t want to overdo my look. But, there’s a fun story with this plaid shirt–it’s custom made to my size. Since…

February 16, 2012