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P-Town: Details Matter

Literally had the best time ever in Provincetown. Surrounded by my besties and encountered many amazing people. It was fab. Cannot wait to do it again. Here are some snapshots:…

July 10, 2014


I was finally able to wear my Hermes swimsuit while on Fire Island. Thanks to my good friend, Michael, for this amazing birthday present, I was put it to good use! Swim | Hermes Sunglasses | Ray Ban Photos by Chris Turk…

June 27, 2014

Fire Island: Part 2

The best week of my life was this past week on Fire Island. There was non-stop laughing and fun. Everyday was a new adventure with the greatest friends. I loved every second of it. Since I was without a phone to Instragram/Tweet/FB Post, I…

June 26, 2013

The Blazer Convention: OUT 100 Party

This past Thursday, Out hosted the OUT 100 event held at Skylight SoHo in NYC. The event celebrated the extraordinary power of the individuals that inspire and motivate by example in the LGBT community. Needless to say, the whole events was packed with gay men in blazers.…

November 21, 2011
Entertainment Thoughts

Thoughts: Revenge’s Take on Gay

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen this week’s episode of Revenge or plan on eventually watching Revenge, part of the plot is highlighted in the post. You have been warned. First, if you are watching Revenge then you know this show is amazing. You are literally on the…

November 4, 2011

Purple for #SpiritDay!

Did you show your support for LGBT youth and to speak out against bullying by wearing purple? I am!      …

October 20, 2011

Only Gay in the World

[My college biddies. In the spirit of Halloween, I chose this pic. They are going to kill me.] I’ve recently begun to miss having a group of girl friends. I have my home friends and I have my college friends but I don’t have…

October 10, 2011

The Dance Flipbook

Stevie and I attended the Out and Stoli party at Bar-tini this past weekend. They had a flipbook making booth–which is EASILY the best idea to have at a party.  Of course, when we stepped into the booth, Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go” played; it…

September 28, 2011

Feeling Like the Gay Blair Waldorf

Wednesday, I attended the Post Pride reception at the MET because of the dear, lovely and wonderful Six Pack boys. It was crowded with attractive gays. It was only a 2 hour event but it felt like 5 minutes. They actually had to kick…

July 22, 2011