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Best in Me

So, the photos came out a lot darker than expected. It was hard to see them on my the camera screen. They looked fine while Justin was taking them. Just sending an apology! Anyway…I’m feeling super colorful lately! I’ve been trying super hard to…

June 14, 2012

Statue Made

Now that the weather is in the ‘in between stage’, wearing a sweater or a cardigan will suffice to keep you warm. I opted for a destroyed sweater. I thought the rips and tears gave an interesting feel to a classic cardigan. I also…

March 14, 2012

Collared Greens

A new iPhone app launched this week and it’s called It’s really cool because you can spot style, document it and share it with the world. Since I was attending the launch party for, I decided to stick close to my style…

March 9, 2012