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Don’t Tell Me Who Won

January 8, 2010

If you live in NY, NJ or CT and use Cablevision as your cable provider, you do not have the Food Network or HGTV. Cablevision dropped the Food Network and HGTV because Scripps (the company who owns both channels) asked Cablevision to pay a 200% increase to renew the contract. Scripps believes it deserve this payment because its viewership has increased in 2009 and it had its highest-rated primetime.

I have not decided who I think is right, but I do believe Scripps’ public relations team reigned supreme.

Compared to Cablevision, Scripps seemed ready to reach out to the public. The team created a statement in the form of a commercial ad that aired on channels related to the Scripps’ channels. The video explained why Food Network and HGTV went missing and request that viewers take action.

Days later, the team released another video; this time, Bobby Flay, used as a celebrity endorser, apologized about the inconvenience and promoted the dynamic crisis websites the team designed ready to launch: Food Network and HGTV.

Finally, Scripps also reached to its viewers via both twitters: Food Network and HGTV.

Cablevision failed. Its website lacks creativity and the 30 second clip playing on repeat on the old Food Network and HGTV channels does not supply enough information.

But, let’s be real. Everyone is only upset because there is no Food Network (not HGTV). After a month of seeing previews for “The Super Chef Battle,” I want to watch it! I’ve done everything to avoid reading about the winners. (Yes, I am that lame.)

I need to see the battle before I make my dad bite a red pepper, enlist my siblings as my sous-chefs and challenge my mother to a cooking battle.

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