April 3, 2019

Well I’ve made my move. It was a process for a few weeks but it was way more smooth than I could have imagined–especially when moving in with a significant other. 

Ideally my boyfriend and I wanted to live in a one bedroom when moving in together but our leases did not match up. So we’re living in one of our studios for a few months until we move again. Combining two studio apartments into one studio apartment is near impossible in NYC. The amount of stuff accumulated by two people does not fit in a small space. Since I was the one moving into his apartment, I knew I couldn’t bring everything with me. I needed to outsource some space. It was time to use storage.

When deciding which storage service to use, I was looking for one that was the most reasonably priced, easy to use and most convenient. A friend highly recommended Boxie24 because it matched my requirements. I took the plunge and explored. It was so simple. I chose the amount of space I needed, requested storage boxes to store my belongings, scheduled my free pickup and BOOM my possessions are sitting safely away while they wait to join the other half of my things in our future one bedroom apartment.
The team at Boxie24 was so helpful. They arrived on time, they safely packed my possessions into the van and did it all with huge smiles. It just reassured me that I have nothing to worry about. My favorite belongings will be safe.

The best part: if I decided I need an item from my storage, I can retrieve on demand. Yep! It’s that simple. Boxie24 is the service you need.

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