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October 23, 2017

Months of protein shake after protein shake after the gym, I decided to look into a new snack I could consume after the gym that is still high in protein and tasty. I used to love to eat yogurt as a snack but I cut it out of my diet because it didn’t contain enough protein or nutrients I wanted to intake daily. I missed it so I decided to look into high protein yogurt. I FOUND IT. Well, I found a product that is a little different than yogurt but it has all the components I was looking for: Icelandic Skyr. Basically, Skyr is packed with 20% more protein and 30% less sugar than 5.3 oz of regular yogurt. With only 1.5% milk-fat and exceptional levels of calcium.

How to make the most simple high protein after gym snack:

2 Icelandic Sky (any flavor but I love Vanilla) – 30G of protein
Handful of high protein granola pack – 10G of protein
TOTAL = 40G of Protein


It’s rich. It’s thick. It’s luscious. And it’s beyond tasty. Try it for yourself.

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