August 18, 2014


This weekend I decided to take a little adventure into Williamsburg with one of my besties, Jenna. Going to Williamsburg is a trek. Literally, a trek. Even though I live in Brooklyn (…actually I have an apartment in Brooklyn but live in Manhattan…) I need to take a subway into Manhattan to go back into Brooklyn to get to Williamsburg. Barf. On top of that, the L wasn’t running so we had to cab it. My life is so hard.

But the trip was worth it for one reason and one reason only: Smorgasburg. It’s basically a food festival with unique, delicious and fattening foods that will not only feed your hunger but will ruin the way you look at food because nothing else compares.



First stop was Milk Truck Grilled Cheese. All I saw was the words grilled cheese and I was sold. Jenna and I split the three cheese grilled cheese (pictured) which had caramelized apples which ascend you into an heavenly bliss. It was so yum. We also split the mac & cheese with bacon. But, we ate it too fast to take a pic. It. was. that. good.



Kelvin is the reason I was super excited to go to Smorgasburg. When I went last summer, I had one of their slushies and I needed (not just wanted) to have another. I went for the Arnold Palmer with mango. Yep. Everything.



We chilled. We chatted. We ate some more. It was beyond fun.




Cheers to Brooklyn…for that moment.

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