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December 27, 2016

GAP | Coat
GAP | Shirt
Dr. Denim | Jeans
Hush Puppies | Shoes
W.R Case | Pocketknife

The weather has been a little chaotic with it’s ups and downs of temperature. Unfortunately, the heavy coat has been taken out. This year’s style is ready for any terrain. You can see me hitting the concrete of the streets of New York or heading to the wintry outdoors in the Poconos with this woodsman-inspired coat.

Every great woodsman needs a W.R. Case pocketknife to take on their travels. You know, just in case I need to cut a bitch or two. OBVIOUSLY I’M COMPLETELY JOKING. Actually, a pocketknife is part of my daily carrying essentials. I throw one into my bag because there are a lot of everyday scenarios I’ve come across that require some assistance from a pocketknife. First, I get a lot of packages. Like a lot. Scrambling to find a knife or scissor to open the boxes got tiresome. Now, it’s always a hand grab away in my bag.

Second, I’m known to have a tag on my clothing and not realize it. Most of the time, I can easily tear off, but other times, it near impossible or a rip my clothing. Cue my W.R. Case pocketknife. Boom. Problem solved.

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