December 14, 2016

Welcome to my humble abode. The place where I spend my nights (some), dream through my sleep paralysis (story for another day) and keep my prized positions (clothes). I don’t spend any time in my apartment. If I start to spend time, I get antsy and find someone to go on an adventure around Manhattan. Needless to say, I have no time while in my apartment to clean and tend to the place. Yes, I keep things neat and organized (because that’s who I am) but I don’t have time to clean thoroughly each week.

Then I discovered Slate. Slate is a daily cleaning service. Yes! DAILY! Think of it as hotel housekeeping for your apartment. They come to your home (you give them keys) for about an hour every weekday–EVERY WEEKDAY–to keep it in a permanent state of cleanliness. You’ll come home to a made beds, empty trash, sparkling dishes, spotless rooms, AND they do your laundry–clean it and return it to your closet!

There’s just something about walking into your apartment and seeing it shine from a fresh cleaning. The stress of the day goes away and you feel ready to crash on the couch. More time to do others things is always preferred! Best part = it’s only $20/day for the cleaning.

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