October 17, 2017

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After spending two weeks on the West Coast and now being back on the East Coast for two weeks, I miss the warmth and atmosphere of the left side of the country. I decided that I wanted to carry a reminder of–my potential new home in the semi-distinct future–with me everywhere. I went on a quest to find a palm tree iPhone case. Despite the plethora on the internet, there wasn’t one the quite caught my eye. I wanted a grey-ish background with dark palm trees yet in full color. You know…my aesthetic

I really could not find what I set out to find. But, I had an image file that was exactly what I wanted. Finally, I realized, I should just custom make my own with Caseapp. So I did. And now, I have the perfect iPhone case. It’s extremely durable yet not bulky. I love the feeling of it in my hands. It doesn’t slide out like others have in the past. It also doesn’t hurt that anyone who sees it says “Oh, I like your case.”

Well everyone, now you can get your own for 20% off with REALGUYS20!

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