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February 16, 2018

Dollar Shave Club

Don’t let the name fool you. Dollar Shave Club is more than just razors. And I’m glad I realized!

Whenever I see the word “shave.” I pretty much ignore the product. I have a full beard. There’s really no need to pay attention. But then I investigated what all the commotion I’ve seen on social media about DSC. Turns out, there a variety of amazing products for all your grooming needs! I decided to try.

I started with the ‘Daily Essential’ Starter Set. This starter set features their Executive Razor and 3 trial-sized versions of their Shave Butter, Body Wash, and Charlies’ Butt Wipes. I’m hooked. I can easily clean up my beard, smell clean in the shower and keep my booty feeling fresh. Not gunna lie, the butt wipes are prob my favorite because they smell like peppermint!!!! #obsessed

You can get you trial for $5. Then after you try your first box, replacement cartridges are sent for only a few bucks a month. Sign up now!

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