January 14, 2015



This past weekend I took a trip to Boston. My friend just moved to Southie so we decided to stay in the Seaport because of the proximity. Although I lived in Boston for four years, I only ventured to Seaport maybe two times and I had never been to Southie. Weird. I know.

When I first took a glance at my friend’s neighborhood, it reminded me of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Her complex is brand new and just causes so much jealousy at how much space she has. It’s really not fair we are cramped in small NYC apartments while the rest of the world is able to live. Can I live?

The weekend was full of drunken adventures but I decided to look put together and let out my inner Bostonian. Here’s my Seaport-inspired look!

seaport-danchiz-rgwt seaport-danchiz-rgwt-2 seaport-danchiz-rgwt-4

Sweater | H&M (similar)
Shirt | H&M (similar)
Pants | ASOS
Sunglasses | Persol
Boots | (similar)
Bag | Band of Players

seaport-danchiz-rgwt-6 seaport-danchiz-rgwt-3 seaport-danchiz-rgwt-7

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