Scent In Love

March 20, 2014



Ever since having my own place, I’ve begun to love candles. Mostly because I was never allowed to have them growing up (because I’m a ditz) and in college (because you just couldn’t). But now, I’ve been able to explore a new world of scents in which I fallen in love with. Maybe not as intensely as Beyonce and Jay-z in ‘Drunk in Love,’ but it’s close! Nothing like walking into a room filled with a recently lit candle. It’s so clean and aromatic.

Here is collection of scents I love from top candle brands broken into categories:



LAFCO | Champagne

As the iconic #RHOOC, Heather Dubrow has said, “Champs is important at all times.” I have continued to live this proverb through and through–especially thanks to @omgclassic. And that’s exactly what I have done with the LAFCO Champagne candle. Not only is the packaging completely clean, beautiful and my graphic aesthetic, it’s hand blown glass structure functions well in a modern decor. That being said, this is the scent I want to walk into my room and smell after a long day at work. It’s elegant and calm and just want I need.


MALIN + GOETZ | Dark Rum + Mojito

It’s time to party with the dark rum and mojito scents of MALIN + GOETZ. These dueling scents actually work well when lit together. It’s as though you’re having a cocktail party. Better yet, light them while having a cocktail party. Dark rum is a deeper scent. Since rum is distilled within wood, a wood scent is easily first attributed as well as hints of leather. On the opposite spectrum, mojito is a clean, fresh flavor. It smells as though you literally just made a mojito with a strong lime and mint combo that leaves you looking for the white rum to actually make yourself a cocktail.



NEST FRAGRANCES | Sicilian Tagerine

Now, I have had a favorite Nest Fragrances for many years: grapefruit. I’m not saying that sicilian tangerine has replaced it, but I am saying it has currently replaced it. The scent is fruity and strong and can really empower a room to smell free of flaws. This scent is made for a living area. Light it up and your apartment/home will smell as though your running through an Italian garden with zero cares in the world. Who wouldn’t want to feel like that everyday?



So agave isn’t a fruit but the scent is reminiscent of a fruity flavor. This scent is extremely clean and enjoyable. I want it to be more than just a candle. I would love for it to be a body wash that I lather up so I can smell just as a fresh. The candle is made from soy wax so it last longer. You can enjoy the sweet, fresh aroma that will encompass the room. I also love the graphic design on the candle and packaging–the color is exquisite and matches my room’s color palette.



2550° | Joe

Well, this is the scent to start the mood, continue the mood and end the mood. It really doesn’t matter what part of the mood you’re in, this is the candle to light. The scent combines leather, whiskey and a bonfire aka take your clothes off. It’s a very masculine smell that is rich and distinctive. You will easily connect the scent to the events that should take place when it’s lit. Set the candle on your night stand and make it sexy time. Have a ton of fun.



Grab a book, sit in a cozy chair and light the Cire Trudon Enresto candle. It’s the perfect scent to make you feel like you’re smoking a cigar in a library of a boy’s club. The scent combines leather and tobacco–strong and powerful. It’s masculine. Basically, it’s the scent the guy who doesn’t think he will enjoy candles. He’ll want to experience more after he dips into this flame.




And if you’re not looking for any of the fragrances above and you’re into a more subtle scent, there is always a classic candle smell that can still tickle your fancy. The smell is reminiscent of clean laundry. It’s a refined smell that everyone can appreciate.


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  • Reply John March 20, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    definitely going to get some of these for my place! and scent good enough for a real housewife is good enough for me!

  • Reply Chris Turk March 20, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    CUTE PICS! I want them all!!! Looks like I am going to candle shopping this weekend! And you are coming!

  • Reply Jenna March 20, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    LOVE! Moving into my new apartment in May & candles are a must!! Officially bookmarking this post for reference later! xx

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