February 6, 2017

H&M (similar) | Sweatshirt
Levi’s | Denim
SUAVS | Shoes
Giles & Brother | Bracelet

I didn’t think the ripped trend would resurface after 2006. At least not this soon. Well, I guess 10 years isn’t very soon. I keep forgetting how old I am and how time goes by so much faster when you’re older. Think about it. A year when you’re 5 years-old, is a lot longer than when your 25 years-old (I’m older than that. WAH!). When you’re 5 year-old, a year is one-fifth of your life. Time seems a lot longer because you’re comparing amount to a short lifespan. Now, a year for 25 year-old is one-twenty fifth. It’s a much smaller amount and feels faster. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Granted, a year is a year, but the feeling is all relative.

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