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August 13, 2016



Last weekend I spent my time in East Hampton with Ray-Ban and bunch of other fools that I somehow call my friends. The weekend was THE ABSOLUTE MOST. If laughter adds years back onto your life, I basically just added another lifetime. It was more than fun! Like so much fun that it feels like we should not have had that much fun. If I had to describe the fun, it would be ratchet greatness. Basically, everything and more. My snaps did not do it justice.



The few days were full of activities. A BBQ with sun, fun and the pool commenced the amazing time. The first night ended with a clambake on the beach. OH. EM. GEE. was the food delicious. I may have had TWO lobsters. YEP! I went for it and I do not regret any of it. Lobster is everything. It screams summer and all I want to do is soak up every second of summer. The only thing that could have made the meal better would be truffle lobster mac & cheese. But, that’s just because I love me some carbs.

The rest of the weekend was full of water activities. I tried flyboarding for the first time. The keyword there is “tried.” Why? Because I am SOOOOO bad at it. I could not stay up for more than three seconds. It was embarrassing. At least I tried a new experience. I’m always game for that.

The weekend ended with a concert at The Surf Lodge in Montauk and then an unprecedented dance party at the house. ‘Twas beyond the best.


RayBan Remix - scene 7

The sunglasses I wore all weekend, I customized with Ray-Ban Remix. Yep! From frame color to lens color to shape to size to the case to engraving, I was able to customize my own sunglasses. HOW CHIC! My favorite step is choosing the lens. Depending on the style, there are a plethora of color options. I’m having a mirrored lens moment so I went with that option for most. It’s exciting to let your creative juices fly and manifest a unique creation.





FUNKY SHIRT FROM TIPSY ELVES! I’m in love with the “Saved by the Bell” intro vibes I’m giving.

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