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November 23, 2017

Shopping for gifts for my brothers is ALWAYS the hardest part of the holidays. They are so hard to buy for. Other than those big gifts (iPhone), I like to spoil them with a variety of items. Here are a few I’ve thought to get them!

Roku Streaming Stick+

My siblings have the luxury of cable but they don’t have the ability to watch Hulu & Netflix on their TV. I’m spread a little joy with the Roku Streaming Stick so they can watch my favorite shows like Handmaid’s Tale and Stranger Things on the TV in their room. Now, I just need them to sign up for their own accounts…

Artic Cool Instant Cool T-Shirt

My brothers love to play sportsball. So they need a shirt that can handle sweat but still keep them cool so they don’t overheat. It features HydroFreeze X Technology which is a cooling management system that reduces the fabric temperature during activity. The shirt’s design also wicks moisture away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you dry and relaxed. This shirt makes it easy to stay cool while you stay active.

Black Clover Hat

Sending my brothers luck with a Black Clover hat. Their hat collection is endless because they need styles to go with each look. So why not add a lucky style?

Mystery Tackle Box

My brothers enjoy a day trip fishing. Not something I would ever do but to each their own. This monthly subscription service gives you what you need for a specific species of fish. You pick. They deliver. Fun fact: GIVEMTB for 5% off all Gift Subscriptions from now until Dec 31st 2017.

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