Prep School

September 13, 2013


Although I will probably never have to go to school again, I decided to create a back-to-school outfit. You can never shake the feeling you have on the first day of classes. It’s a mix of excitement and nervousness. You want to know what will be in stored for you during the semester. It’s the only thing I miss about college classes.




Shirt | J.Crew
Shorts | Frank & Oak
Bag | Herschel
Shoes | Vans
Belt | Levi’s
Glasses | Warby Parker
Wallet | TGT




My new obsession is the TGT wallet. It has completely transformed how I carry cards and money. Everything fits into this tight little space. No bulk in my pocket. It’s perfect for a night out. Don’t have to worry about missing anything. I literally only use this wallet on the daily. I don’t know how I survived before this. My old wallet seems…well…old.

prep-school-danchiz-7Photos by Jeff Graham


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