August 22, 2016



As a pre-teen in 1999 I had three obsessions: Harry Potter, Britney Spears and Pokémon. This summer it seems like I’m repeating the past. There’s a new Harry Potter book, Britney has a new album and I can catch Pokémon in New York City. All I wanted while playing Pokémon was to be able to have my own in the real world. And now, I can!

Pokémon Go literally everything I wished I had when I was younger. I would watch the show, collect the cards, play the games and do anything related to Pokémon. It was an obsession (in a healthy way–I swear). Whenever Toys R Us received new shipments of card packs, my whole family would head to the store, each member would wait on a different line and we each would buy the max amount of card packs you could possibly buy.

My parents were/are just as obsessed as I was/am. (They are double my level in Pokémon Go.) My parents would bid on rare cards for me and my siblings on eBay. We were that obsessed. So being able to tap into this fun time of my life as an adult brings back so many great memories of my childhood. Why wouldn’t I want to touch upon that? So haters can hate on the Pokémon Go players but I’m just going to love love love.









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