April 14, 2015




I take my hair VERY seriously. I am not the person to start a confrontation, but if you touch my hair in any way, your arm will be twisted before you realize I did it. Do not mess with my hair. *smiles*

Needless to say, I carefully choose the products that go into creating my slick look. I also do not like to get stuck in my ways. I like to play with new products. My obsession with the perfect coif and my desire to experience new products causes me to experiment.

I just started to use Parlor by Jeff Chastian’s Reworkable Hold Paste. I like the pliable ability it has when I run it through my hair. It malleable and keeps my hair in tact.


I’m not one to enjoy the beachy hair look. I clearly enjoy every strand in place. But, I decided to give it go. This spray crafted the salty-air-whipped-hair look any beach patron aims to gain after they leave a day of the sun. Give it a try!

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  • Reply keepin' it dapper April 14, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Thanks for the tip Dan! I’ve been looking for a product that provides a good balance of pliability while still keeping things in place so I might try this out.


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