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March 28, 2017

Coastal | Sunglasses
Cotton On | Sweatshirt
Dr. Denim | Jeans
Clarks | Shoes

Being from NYC and wearing an NYC garment always seemed so cheesy to me. I was drawn to the font. What can I say? It’s hard being font snob. I just love a good font. And you know what else I love? Sunglasses. I keep a drawer just for my many pairs of sunglasses. I have sensitive eyes because of the light color blue that was gifted at birth. I can’t go outside without wearing sunglasses because it is too bright.

Every year, I pick a style of sunglasses to explore. This year, I’m all about round. These gorgeous, flat-lens Coastal sunglasses are hands down my new favorite pair. They fit my face. They look chic AF. They keep out those nasty rays. I’m in love. The best part: they don’t break the bank. Coastal has affordable frames that make it easy to own multiple pairs and build your eyeglasses wardrobe because they make obtaining your glasses accessible. From designer to exclusively designed brands, Coastal has what you are looking for.

For 20% off your order with Coastal, use REALGUYS20.

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