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New Finds: Neutrogena Sun

July 2, 2014


With all my trips these past few weeks (stalk the Insta), I need to stay safe from the sun. I want to reduce burn and the risk of skin cancer. Here’s the products I’m into:


I use this product for my face because it reduces my chances of breaking out. With super sensitive skin, I always need to stay aware of what can cause a breakout. I refuse to let that happen.


If you’re anything like me, you can’t sit still at the beach. I literally don’t bring a blanket because I stand and dance the whole time. AKA, I sweat a lot. This helps prevent the need to reapply a million times. But obvs you need to reapply every now and then to keep your skin safe.


When times get too hot, you can cool down with fresh cooling while reapplying. With a layers of sunscreen put down prior, this added layer only helps keep the red away.


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