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March 26, 2016



I’m not a huge fan of wine, which is surprising because I drink a lot of it. But, I’d rather have a craft beer, unique cider or hard liquor over wine any day. UNLESS! It is sangria. Now, I can drink sangria by the pitchers and be ecstatic.

Although wine is not my fave, I LOVE WINE TOURS. I find them fascinating. They are also a quick way to explore lots of drinks in a short amount of time. Let’s be real, you could not picture this man being classy AF on a winery. But, I try really hard! I love learning about the making and seeing how the vineyard works; however, there come a point when the alcohol kicks in and I’m dancing with the grape vines.




While in Sonoma & Napa, here are some of the vineyards (that I remember):

Newton Vineyard

Newton was the first vineyard we explored. Therefore, I remember all of it. The guide was hilarious, the grounds were beautiful and wine was delicious. They had yummy breadsticks to help clean your pallet after each tasting. I was into it. The white wines were my fave.

Amizetta Vineyard

I loved Amizetta because it looks like my last name. Just kidding! It had the best views. There were EAGLES flying over a mountainous terrain. It was GORGEOUS. They had a few dogs around and it was the perfect place to setup a picnic and eat some lunch. YUM! If you want a relaxing experience. This is the most tranquil and engaging.


This vineyard is made for Millennials. There’s tons of interaction, great photo locations and the people are young! I think I had the most fun here. We went a little crazy with the photos but well deserved because we were having a ball! The champagne was AMAZING! When it was paired with oysters, I knew I was in heaven. THANK YOU.

MacRostie Winery

One word, One abbreviation: Chic AF. This winery was so sleek and modern I wanted to live there. The reds were my fave which I would NEVER say. But in this case, I was a fan. I could have stayed there all day and kept the pouring going. Please and thank you.





Are you as happy as I am that it is spring?! I of course brought out my floral shirt! Yes, I know. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Honestly, don’t you want to celebrate the beautiful time of year with a print that reflects your feelings! Check our some of my faves:






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    Love this! What a great trip and your captured it perfectly!

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