July 5, 2016



Little known fact: I studied karate throughout my youth. I competed in competitions…and won…many times! I had a 4 foot tall trophy when I took first place in my division. I killed it. I loved it and I loved being great at it. But, as I do with many things, I got bored. Why? Because as you advanced, you had to practice more. By practice I mean repeat the same moves and combinations and form over and over again every single class without learning anything new. On top of that, I was a diva. Yep, I know, you’re surprised and shocked and in disbelief. It’s very out of character, I know. Anyway, I refused take classes with the gen pop. I only wanted private classes. So I would go and practice and learn (just a little bit). Eventually I asked, “When can I move up in rank?” Their answer: “When you practice on your peers.” The second I knew I had to take the gen pop classes to advance, I peaced out. #diva

While I shot this look, I reminisced about my karate days and these photos erupted. Enjoy.






A friend introduced me to KC|KO. It’s leather goods brand with really cool products. My first dabble into the brand is with this bracelet. I love how well the leather and cord unique. It fits my style and I can literally wear it with any outfit. There a bunch of varieties to check out! PLUS you should check out their wallets and bags. The camo bag is on FIRE! It’s sooo hot! LOVE IT.



Things I’m all about this summer: white kicks.


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