My Tattoo Is Burning Part II

July 14, 2011

So the day that I have dreaded and most anticipated for the past 12 years has arrived. It’s the day I calculated out and believed that I would be a pathetic adult because I knew I would take part in something reminiscing my childhood. A day that brings complete sadness to the closing of a chapter yet springs excitement for the unexpected.

The day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premieres has arrived.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is like the eighth horcrux of my childhood (no one was killed to make them horcruxes, don’t worry). It is the last movie that ties my childhood to the present. After I watch the movie, the connection with my childhood is completely eradicated.

I spent every summer (including this summer) doing many of the following: waiting in line for the midnight release of a new Harry Potter book, reading a Harry Potter book, rereading a Harry Potter book, buying a ticket to a midnight showing of a Harry Potter movie and watching a Harry Potter movie. Clearly, Harry Potter was a huge part of my growing up. It came with me everywhere and it helped shape the person I am today.

I have so many memories tied to every aspect of Harry Potter. I can recount where I was when reading specific chapters, who I went to the movies with, the long debates after each book and the thoughts crossing my mind with each chapter. JK Rowling created a world that I could not help but love, cherish and want to be apart of. Still to this day, when I read the books, I get lost in the wizarding world.

Clearly, Harry Potter has been such a huge part of my life that it is etched in my skin for all eternity. Not for one second do I regret that tattoo, it reminds me of so many great times, the exploring of my imagination and the people who shared the love along the way.

I know I am going to be in tears the whole movie. I have cried or shed a tear every time I have watched the trailer. It’s just hard knowing something that has meant so much to me for more than half my life is coming to a complete end. Granted, I can always reread or rewatch but the anticipation for something new will be gone (crossing fingers for an Albus Dumbledore or James Potter series).

Thank you JK Rowling and Harry Potter for being a part of my life since I was 11 and giving me experiences I will always cherish.

Goodbye the last bit of childhood within me and hello complete adulthood.

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