March 24, 2019

A little over a year ago I moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I was anticipating that move for so long. Brooklyn was not for me. And if it’s for you, great for you! I’m just a Manhattan boy.

Well, after a year in my first Manhattan studio, I am moving on. Not my first choice though. I actually wanted to stay for another year then make the move to a 1 bedroom. Alas, that is not the current plan. And I will divulge…

So I received my lease renewal. I was excited to resign. I knew that there would be an increase in my rent. That’s typical in NYC. I figure it would be $50-$100. Even though my apartment was super small, it was newly completely renovated so it was expected that they would want to increase the rent. It was a great deal I was paying. I figured it was because they wanted to lure me in and then increase a smidge. Well, little did I know that was their plan but instead of a $50-$100 increase which I was willing to pay, they increased my rent by 25% if I signed a year lease and 50% if I signed a 2 year lease. I quickly said GOODBYE!

I’ve moved 8 times in my life. And I’ve learned my lesson. I will never move myself. Hiring movers is the ONLY way to go. So I chose Roadway Moving. Now, I have A LOT of possessions. Yes, I did Marie Kondo my apartment before packing but that only made a small dent. So I had a lot of things that needed to be packed. Also, a lot of items that needed to be safe from damage.

I packed up my apartment to the best of my ability. Roadway Moving arrived on moving day and upped the safety of my possessions. Literally! The moving crew was so awesome. I actually said “You’re taking better care of my things than I do.” We all laughed. And that was not the only laughter within the two quick hours the crew took to pack the van and unload the van. The quick turnaround let me unpack and move in faster during the weekend. I was able to feel at home within 24 hours of moving.

Roadway Moving was a lifesaver, time saver and happiness maker.

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