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April 21, 2018


I’m finally starting to feel moved into my new apartment although it’s no where near complete! But, I’m happy to get back into the swing of cooking and making. I’m decked my home with a variety of Bella Housewares products. My favorite that I use everyday is the Rocket Extract Pro Plus Multifunctional Blender. It’s my essential for post-workout protein smoothies.

Here’s the BEST recipe for a frosty-like protein smoothie:

2 bananas
1 scoop of Casein protein
2 cups of ice
Almond Milk to the pleasure of the consistency you want (frosty or liquidy)

Blend with Bella and you’re good to go!

I’m also loving the 8-in-1 Grill Station. With a small apartment, it gives you multi uses and doesn’t take up too much space. You can go from grilling lean chicken to making protein packed pancakes. It’s perfect.

I also have the Pro Series 2-Slice Toaster. I’m all about bagels on the weekend and this helps make them the exact crisp I like to enjoy.

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