May 13, 2017

Sunglass Hut (Burberry) | Sunglasses
Quinn | T-Shirt
Nike | Sneakers
Primark | Jeans

Three reasons I love mirrored sunglasses:

1. The reflection caught in any photo taken is usually epic.
2. No one can see you looking at them so you can stare at someone cute on the subway and they won’t know (at least that’s what I like to think).
3. They are haute.

I love sunglasses. My eyes are very sensitive to light so I need to wear them any time I step outside. It’s a hard life having blue eye. 😛

Naturally, I’ve become obsessed with finding an array of sunglasses that fit my style. I want to mix things up. I now have a drawer solely dedicated to harboring my sunglasses collection. As the summer approaches, I needed to add in a new styles to spruce up my collection. I headed to Sunglass Hut in which I spotted these gorgeous Burberry mirrored sunglasses. One look at these and I was smitten. I actually thought, “I think I found the perfect pair of sunglasses for the rest of my life.” Yep, I am that dramatic when I shop. But really, these are awesome and the compliments pour in. #blessed

These are my summer go-to shades.

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