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November 2, 2015



I decided to let you in. Here you have it. This is me blogging. Yes, these photos are staged, but this is literally what it looks like. I find a place with a cute ambiance and just let the editing and writing happen.

There’s a lot that goes into blogging. First starts with figuring out the look. Then location scouting for photographic scene that makes the look pop. Then selecting and editing the photos from the shoot. Write the post. Lastly, schedule it out for y’all to read. Lots of thought, planning and action. And I love it.



But with all this time creating, I’m staring at screens A LOT. Am I the only one who thinks about the damage and strain we put on our eyes staring at screens all day? Well, I took measures to reduce my straining with Eyezen glasses. You wear them while you stare at screens. It filters out harmful blue light and provides comfortable vision enabling you to overcome the strain. And! It’s available with and without a prescription! Mine are without a prescription. I also love they can be added to any frames. I’m repping some Ray-Bans.



I always make sure I carry my phone charger with me WHEREVER I go. I throw it in my MRKT backpack and head to wherever blogging takes me. It’s honestly the best investment and this Jockery charger can handle MULTIPLE upon MULTIPLE chargers. I’ve only used this charger to juice up my phone for a whole weekend and it could still charge after. It’s a Godsend.




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