My New Sunnies

May 11, 2011

I am beyond obsessed with my new sunglasses. They were an impulse buy that I have no regrets because it was fate.

I randomly decided to go to shopping one day. I was not expecting to buy anything; I just wanted to browse and see what was out there. I popped into a sunglass store to see the new styles. (Fun fact: my sunglasses never leave my head in the summer.)

Since I have a slight obsession with Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (the Marc Jacobs ones are usually huge and bulky) and have bought three pairs of them in the past three years, I decided to look at them first. Of course, I fall in love with the pair I bought (making this the fourth pair of MMJ glasses).

As soon as I turn around to ask the sales associate if I look good in them, she was on her way to tell me that she put those sunglasses out five minutes ago and they are the only pair they have because they received them by accent. Basically, these sunglasses were meant for me to buy.

Also, coincidentally (I swear it was not on purpose), I wore my Marc by Marc Jacobs polo in the photo. This is one of the few adult polos I actually fit in; I usually have to buy kids… #ashamed.

Do you like my new sunglasses? Do you think they look on me? What it a smart purchase? Let me know! Tweet or comment me!

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