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November 3, 2016

I spend the majority of my weekdays in West Chelsea. That area used to be factories and not a very residential area. Now that Hudson Yards is being built, the High Line graces the area and many new residential buildings are scraping the sky, the area is busy. The only problem with this area, the commercial businesses are not popping up fast enough. There’s no where to eat. Even if I wanted to be active by walking to grab lunch and not be lazy, I can’t. There’s no where around.

So, I turn to my friend named Seamless. Thanks to this God, I can have a delicious lunch from a restaurant that is not in walking distance. #blessed

My go-to lunch order on Seamless is from Barney Brown-a customizable sandwich shop. Here, I can create the perfect sandwich to get me through the day. I love being able to change up my meals but I’m also a creature of habit. So, I change my sandwich style but still get my food from the same place, Barney Brown.

Today’s Order:

Build Your Own Sandwich:
Hudson Bread’s Ciabatta
Brie Cheese
Spicy Mayonnaise
Make it Toasted
Izze Sparkling: Pomegranate
Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is #HowNewYorkEats





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