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Las Vegas: Quick Getaway

May 1, 2014


Last week I had a quick 2 day trip to Las Vegas for work. Literally for work. There wasn’t any play, unfortunately. I did lay out a little but that was it!

Anyone, I decided to show what I packed for my quick getaway!


Of course, going to the hot dessert, you need a sexy swimsuit. I grabbed my 2xist green plaid swimwear. (A post featuring them coming soon!) I love them because they fit perfectly and are super sexy. Laying by the pool is easy.

Of course I packed my standard tanks, pants, shirts, ties, shoes, sunglasses and blazer. I opted for printed shirt because that’s what I am obsessed with this spring. Gotta rep my faves always.

I also needed the essential grooming. TuroSkin has a 30SPF lotion that is perfect for the strong sun of Las Vegas. Literally, so strong. I got so much color and barely was outside. When I visit again during labor day, I’m going to fry. I used EOS to protect my lips from the dryness with the fruity goodness it possesses.


Shirts | Top – Frank & Oak, Middle – ASOS, Bottom – H&M
Pants | Left – ASOS, Right – Acne
Blazer | Uniqlo
Bracelet | Coach + Philip Crangi
Shoes | Dolce Vita
Hair product | Rusk
Lip balm | EOS
Ties | Top – Ulterior Motive, Bottom – H&M
Sunglasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunscreen | Turoskin
Glasses | Warby Parker
Tank | District Clothing
Belt | Beltology
Swimwear | 2xist
Cologne | Alfred Lane


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