It Must Be Love

September 9, 2010

Since Thursday, September 2, I have been adventuring around the ground of the USTA Billy Jean Tennis Center also known as the home of the US Open. Sadly, my last day is today. Why was I fortunate enough to have this experience? Stonyfield (an organic yogurt brand) contacted me and asked if I would live tweet for them during the event. Of course I jumped at the chance.

At the US Open I had access everywhere except for Ashe Stadium (the main stadium). But, they did get me some tickets for two days sessions and one night session.

At my favorite sessions, the night session, (Stosur vs. Clijsters and Nadal vs. Lopez) I spotted two celebs–Alec Baldwin and Star Jones (her celebrity status is debatable). My favorite Real Housewives of New York housewife, Bethenny Frankel and the former *N Sync band member, Lance Bass were said to be at the matches. I did not spot them although I tried really hard.

Even though every part of the week was an interesting experience, the one thing that fascinated me the most: the spidercam. Not even joking, it really freaked me out when it moved across the crowd.

I will never have this experience again. Who has the time and money to spend a week at the US Open? Seriously, I am honored to have been asked to do this and am SO grateful for everything given to me. Sounds corny but truthfully I will cherish the memories forever (mostly because I took a TON of photographs). Check all the photos out:

Look out for my next post: US Open Lessons–I promise it will entertain.

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