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December 19, 2017

A few weeks ago I came home to find my roommate meditating in our living room. I was a little confused but went with it. I walked into my room and patiently waited for him to finish. After he ended his session, I inquired about this new found hobby. He said he had been feeling stressed and needed an outlet to relieve his stress. So, he turned to meditation. He said I should try it.

If you know me, sitting still for an extended period of time is not ideal. But, I really have been feeling stressed and a very overwhelmed lately. I thought I should at least give it a try. I’m not someone who can just meditate freely; I need instruction. I turned to the internet and stumbled across INSCAPE.

INSCAPE is an app that creates meditation, relaxation and sleep experiences. Any place or at any time, you can turn to the app to give you the stress release you are lusting. There are breathing exercises, meditation and even an exercise to help you sleep. Depending on your needs, you can shape a program that works for you.

This past weekend on vacation in Miami I decided to try the breathing exercise to start my day. I sat on the balcony, looked out into the ocean and turned on the breathing exercise. I was able to turn in and listen. After the three minutes, I opened my eyes and felt invigorated. I felt fresh. I felt anew. I was ready to embark on the day.

And now you have the opportunity to win a free subscription to the INSCAPE App!

Grand Prize – 1 year subscription to the INSCAPE app ($89,99 value)+ a $500 value gift bag of amazing health and wellness products from INSCAPE’s studio.
10 runner ups – 6 month subscription to the INSCAPE app ($12,99 p/m value)
All entries – 2 week free subscription to the INSCAPE app

Enter here:

Inscape: Meditation for Today

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