January 29, 2014


The exterior of your phone makes a statement. It also represents a bit of your personality and flair. That’s why, the ability to customize it is always a fun and flavorful idea.

Wrappz allows you to create your own custom case or skin for your phone. Pictured above is one I created. I thought it was a cute idea to slap on my new blog’s logo.

If you want a FREE skin, just enter the code: freeskin. Start designing!

If you’re anything like me, you want/need multiple cases. Not only to change things up to your look but for instances where your phone could potentially break. Yep, I’m on my 4th iPhone 5. You read that right. That’s why I need a heavy duty case for a backup.

If I’m going to a place where I know there is a potential instance that my phone’s life could be put into jeopardy, I throw on this glowingly metallic case that is tough enough to protect a fall. Obviously, my phone isn’t safe from everything but a drunken drop might not end with a shattered screen. Case Logic has a few other colors to choose from. These are a must.

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