GQ’s 2010 Fall Trends

September 9, 2010

The list includes:

1. The three piece suit
2. The biker jacket
3. The (small lightweight) turtleneck
4. The (big chunky) turtleneck
5. The plaid tie
6. The odd vest
7. The blue-collar plaid shirt
8. The military watch
9. The tux jacket solo
10. Dark khakis
11. Lace-up boots
12. The toggle coat
13. Camel (the color)
14. The tweed fabric
15. The chunky scarf
16. Designer sweats
17. The shadow-laid suit
18. The double-breasted coat
19. The graphic knit sweater
20. The modern peacoat
21. The blacked-out watch

I can see myself jumping on most of the trends on the list. Here are the few I do not like:

I am not a fan of anything chunky. It makes you look bulky and bigger than what you are. You spend the time at the gym for a reason.
I do not care for watches. Maybe when I enter my 30s I will develop a need for a watch, but until then, I will use modern technology aka a cell phone.
I do not own sweats and do not plan on owning sweats. I just do not feel comfortable wearing sweats because it makes me look like I am swimming in my clothing. The closest article of clothing I own is basketball shorts. I only wear those to the gym.
I am not a fan of shades of brown (like the camel color). It drowns out my complexion and changes my eye color to that of the rest of the world.

The rest of the trends I either have in my wardrobe or plan on introducing to my wardrobe. As I spend my money, I will post my purchases. Keep a look out!

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