November 23, 2015

It’s time to start making those holiday purchases. With Black Friday & Cyber Monday around the corner, I’m sharing things I believe are great gifts. Why? Because I want them or I own them. Isn’t that reason enough?

Teavana – Signature Blends Collection | $60

I have an unhealthy obsession with tea. When the months are cold, I can’t go a day without drinking a cup (or two…or three). I received this tea collection as a gift and it sparked my love of loose leaf teas. The pineapple blueberry tea = life.

1000 Fonts – Coffee Table Book | $11

When it comes to fonts, I’m what you call a font snob. If I see Comic Sans on a menu, I immediately want to leave the restaurant. You’ll see a glimmer of excitement when I see an ad that uses a font I adore. I also can point out specific fonts just about anywhere. “Oh, they used Century Gothic.” I’m a weirdo but this book fills my soul with happiness. It’s definitely a conversation piece for your coffee table.

Giles & Brother – Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff | $80

I’ve givem this cuff as a gift and my friend wears it all the time. It’s a unique piece that gives an edge to your look. Plus, the compliments pour in whenever someone wears it. Make someone happy with this cuff.

Skinny Tie Madness – Tie Gift Set | $35

When in doubt, wear a plaid tie…unless you’re already wearing plaid…even that could work depending on the two plaid. The patterns are always colorful and classic. These will make great additions to any wardrobe. PLUS! The set comes with a tie clip. Done.

LuxBox – Silver iPhone 6/6S Case | $40

I’m currently using this case’s brother as my case. So far, the case has supported my drops and looks chic in the process. If you know someone who is horrible with phones but doesn’t like those bulky cases, this is the case for them.

Jackery – External Charger | $30

This is hands down my favorite Christmas present last year. I use this baby every single week. When I go away for the weekend, this charger can support a whole weekend’s worth of charges. Seriously. You can attach two devices at once which means your iPad can get love too. Literally. The. Best. Whoever you get this for will love you forever.

Carhartt WIP – Touchscreen Gloves | $68

If someone doesn’t have touchscreen gloves, they need them. I think that’s all that needs to be said. Let’s be real.

Pacific Shaving Company – Caffeinated Shaving Cream & Aftershave | $16

I recently gave this shaving duo to a friend and he loved it. He said it’s invigorating, refreshing and the kick in the morning you need. It will give an exceptional shave, help reduce redness and keep your skin looking chic AF.

Bonobos – Alpaca Blend Wool Hat | $48

Me + hats = don’t fair well together. After last year’s horrific winter, I don’t know if I can go without wearing one. I stumbled across this chic winter hat that would look good on just about anyone. It’s matches every look you could imagine pairing with it. I usually tend to choose gray for accessories because the color works with any combo. This person will thank you with a warm nod of the head.

Archipelago – Agave Candle | $32

You might want to buy this for someone…and yourself. I’m addicted to the scent. It’s strong yet subtle. It’s able to illuminate an entire room with it’s gorgeous smell. You’ll thank me.

Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb | $50

I can’t help but sing “Timebomb” by Kylie Minogue whenever I hear this song but change it to “Spicebomb.” I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this scent. If this guy has a fragrance collection, he needs this addition/he needs it anyway.

ASOS – Super Skinny Joggers | $32

Joggers. Are. Everything. I can’t get enough. It took me a long time to embrace sweatpants and finally joggers came around. The fashion lords have answered my prayers. I hated the bulky feeling sweatpants gave. Joggers combat the oversized feeling to make a relaxed outfit look chic. Every man needs a pair…and to throw those baggy sweatpants in the garbage.

American Crew – Grooming Gift Set | $35

Here’s a grooming set that has every need: shave, wash & style. This set is made for the guy who loves to take care of himself…and for the guy who should take care of himself (with this hint). It’s products that smell great, work well and will keep put together.

The Tie Bar – Socks Gift Set | $24

Ties and socks tug on my heart. If I see a style I like, it’s immediately in my closet. I’ve fallen for ties by The Tie Bar and now I’m lusting for their socks. A perfect stocking stuffer for your bae.

J.Crew – Woodman Sweater | $98

There’s something about a suede patch that gets me. I don’t know why, but I want whatever article of clothing it lends itself to. Whether an elbow patch or shoulder patch, I love it. This is a hit or miss gift, but I love this style. You might have someone who would love it too.

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