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March 7, 2017

Ghost Paper | Notebook

Hi! My name is Dan and I’m obsessed with organization. The rush of making anything orderly excites me. Color-coding, folder creation, document design, etc. are my addiction. It’s gone as far as hanging out with my friends, opening their fridge, realizing it’s a mess and deciding to completely haul the structure of the content. I wish I was joking, but sadly it’s the full fledge truth.

I also am not a fan of people trying to change my organizational patterns. It’s fine if I change their structure, but they cannot even date to touch mine. I also like the freedom to change and reimagine how to stay organized. I am not one to be stuck in the same ways. I like finding new and better ways to stay neat and planned.

I was looking for a new notebook for meetings. I find it easier to write in a notebook than type on an iPad for meetings. I just transcribe the important information into calendars and to-do lists. But, I need the flexibility and freedom to create an note-taking plan. When I stumbled upon Ghost Paper notebook, I knew I have found the answer to my organization prayers. It’s a full on notebook but the pages look blanks. There a line indents that allow you to keep a standard notebook structure but the blank page allows you to become as creative as you would like to be. I’m down for that.

If you’re a sucker for great stationary and an organizational freak like me, check out my Instagram for a giveaway of these godly Ghost Paper notebooks.

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