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October 1, 2017

Genius Pack | Luggage
Westward Leaning | Sunglasses
Primark | Shorts (denim cut into shorts)
H&M | T-shirt

When I travel, I try to avoid checking a bag at all costs. It’s just more convenient to have your bags by your side. The thought of waiting for a bag kills me. I despise having to wait on others to continue with my day. I will not show remorse for my impatience. It’s just who I am. It’s what helps motivate me to push faster and harder.

However, this trip to the West Coast, I needed to pack a lot. I was headed to SF and LA for 11 days. Two different climates for an extended period of time. I needed to make sure I had the right clothing for both cities. Packing in a carry-on bag was not an option. I needed a bag to check. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one. So, I went on a search for a bag that fit my needs.

Things I need in luggage:

Space – I like options. I also do not like planning out my outfits. I like bringing lots of clothing that works well together so I can create my looks while I travel. If I plan too much, I feel constraint. I also like to change a few times a day. Space in a bag is necessary.

Organization – I am all about the OCD. When I’m organized, I feel accomplished, empowered and equipped. I need luggage that can allow for an ease of organization that lends to my organizational thought pattern (compartments).

Accessible – Moving around NYC with luggage is not fun. You need a bag that can handle the terrain. It needs to be durable and easy to push around. It has to handle lots of stairs and the subway.

After carefully analyzing bags from a plethora of brands, I found Genius Pack that hits all the above. It passed the travel test for this past trip. I felt like it was completely my travel companion. I’m excited for more adventures.

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