October 31, 2016

Towels | Micro Cotton
Curtains | Eclipse

After being in my apartment for 4 years, it’s time for a refresh. I’m changing up the decor a little at a time. First up, my curtains & towels. I love gray and the tone in my bedroom is purely grayscale. I need to add bits of color. I opted to switch out my dark gray curtain for a blue hue. But why curtains? My windows in my room are large and face east so my room is BASKING in sun rays all day everyday. The morning is so bright. Sometimes the sun is so strong my skin is melting off me. Therefore, I need blackout shades. THANKFULLY these Eclipse curtains keep the rays out of my room when I need them to be aka Saturday morning at 8AM.

Next up, my towels. I have a mix of colors and sizes and I’m over it. I want a clear set that is all the same so there is some standardization to my decor. I love a soft towel and these Micro Cotton towels are the plush you need.





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